Many companies assume that storing large amounts of data generates value. Unfortunately this is not true, since it is not about the amount of data that is stored but the use that is given to it. Normally, the necessary time to implement an analytical process is too long, since, when reaching conclusions, the results may not be as relevant due to the changing environment.
In this context, companies need to be able to shorten their decision-making time in order to anticipate events.

It is time for data management to be available for the executives who need it.


Predictive Analytic


Predictive analytic helps companies obtain valuable information by analyzing current and historical data and predicting future event outcomes.
The main reasons why companies need to adopt these processes are:

Strategy: Have a defined business roadmap (since you can count on the prediction of purchases, sales, losses, etc.)
Cost: the areas that provide value within the organization are identified.
Productivity: The decision-making process is speeded up.


Immediately gets value after data preparation


No previous experience needed in data analysis or in Machine Learning


Any executive of the organization can generate value
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