Towards a new Customer Care experience

Towards a new Customer Care experience
There are no excuses, when we talk about customer service, we talk about a process that is controlled entirely within the organization.

The better the user experience when interacting with our company, the biggest the chances of increasing sales, obtaining more loyalty from our customers and creating new leads.

Asap Consulting, with its new CCC care software, seeks to help companies provide differentiating customer care experiences.

CCC is a cognitive IVR that manages not only to shorten call times, but also to make exact call routing to agents. And it answers automatically to simple questions.

Because it understands the natural language it allows the company to have advanced interactions with customers.

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Among its main characteristics we can say that it has a large database of adaptable knowledge to train itself and thus provide effective responses improving daily operation. It translate the voice into text through Google Speech and works with IBM Watson Technology.

It is integrated with the back-end of the company to access customer information, either to use the information for the answers or to generate new contacts.
If the goal is to generate customer care efficience, save costs and improve the userĀ“s experience, ASAP Consulting has the appropriate solution.

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