The Citizen Data Scientist Ally

The Citizen Data Scientist Ally
Companies need immediate access to predictive analytics to optimize the decision making.

They can`t afford the wait for data scientists to complete data analyzes, often outdated once delivered. They need automated algorithms that identify patterns without much human intervention or sophisticated technology.

People who make use of these automated algorithms are called Citizen Data Scientists (CDS).
Gartner defines CDS as the person who creates or generates models that make use of advanced diagnosis analytics. or its predictive capabilities, but that its main function is outside the field of analytics. These people know which questions to ask and the answers they need to do business.

The main challenge is to find the technology that goes this change to be part of the digital transformation of the organization.

DMWay is the software that uses predictive analytics for the simple construction of complex data models.

It accelerates the process of information analysis by using learning algorithms that automate complex analytical processes. By using standard reports it facilitates business users to use data analytics.


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